About Me



Textile Designer, educated in Germany and Switzerland  

My Passion … Screen Printing

In my Studio, in the heart of Hamburg, you can discover very delicate hand printed fabrics interior, art works and design concepts in combination with the magic of screen printing. I worked as a textile designer for various companies and as a lecturer for textile design and textile printing at the Department Design/ University HAW Hamburg, textile technology at the AMD/ Hamburg.

Co-founder of Panama Stilwerk Hamburg, Germany.

The focus of my designs are surfaces of screen prints in combination with different textile and natural materials. I am printing with certified GOTS Pigments and the most of my materials are also GOTS certified in responsibility of our health and environment.

The results are precious printed products for everyday life and also for individual design projects.

Main themes are classical patterns, colors, materials for interior and acoustic concepts.

You are invited to visit my lovely studio in the



Second Floor

Lange Reihe 75

20099 Hamburg


Tuesday Wednesday Friday 11:00h-18:00h

Saturday 12:00h-16:00h, dates by arrangement

+49 (0) 176 72670817